Coach/Manager Registration Instructions

Everyone registering for Softball will be asked to create a profile. 

For Coaches and Managers, your dashboard will have additional tools to better manage your team and other responsibilities.

Finally, by ensuring we have your correct email address, we will now be able to communicate instantly with everyone.  And coming soon, we will be able to communicate quickly through texting too.

So let�¢??s get you started.

Step 1 go to   Select Join a League

For best results, we suggest using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or the latest version of Internet Explorer (at least version 9) available on your computer.  Otherwise, you may need to get to registrations via the LEAGUES menu option and SOFTBALL, rather than the direct link.

Step 2: Create your Account or Sign In 

If you are utilizing the same email address you had utilized in previous years, you might already be set up in the system.  You can check by clicking on Ã?¢??Forgot your password.Ã?¢?? Type in your email address, then click Ã?¢??send.Ã?¢??  It will automatically email you a link to set-up your password.  If you arenÃ?¢??t set-up in the system, it will tell you Ã?¢??no member account matches this email.Ã?¢?? Proceed with filling out all of the information and follow the prompts to set up your member profile. You will also have the opportunity to sign in using Facebook. 

Step 3: Select your Division of play from the Softball League Registrations page

Simply select the Register button next to the division you wish to play in

Step 4: Select �¢??How�¢?? you will be registering

You will select Team Coach/Manager.  ONLY ONE PERSON CAN REGISTER THE TEAM!!! If you have more than one coach, the second coach will have to register as a Ã?¢??TEAM PLAYERÃ?¢??

Step 5: Type in your TeamÃ?¢??s name  

You will be signed up simultaneously as a Team player, as well.

Step 6: Review and agree to the HASL waiver

Step 7: Pay your fees.

Player Fee: $60.00

**Coach/Manager - After you create your team, you will have the option to pay your player/membership fee online or you can Skip/Pay Later. If you choose the Skip/Pay later option you will be invoiced and your fees must be paid prior to playing.

If you receive an invoice for your player fee, there are 2 payment options. 

1.              Credit Card (Online): Login to your dashboard and pay by credit card

2.              Check (In Person) at League Meeting/fields: Must be one check made out to the HASL.

Team Fee: $400

After you register your team, you will receive an invoice for the Team fee from the HASL Treasurer within 2 days.

To pay your team fee, there are 3 payment options. 

1.               Check/Cash (In Person to HASL Treasurer) at League Meeting/fields: Must be one check made out to the HASL.  

2.               Coach paying by Credit Card (Online)

Follow link from invoice (sent 2 days after team registration) to pay Team fee through LeagueApps

3.               If someone, other than the coach (Ex. Sponsor), wants to pay the fee by credit/debit card

From website Homepage, go to the �¢??Team Fee/Donate�¢?? page.

Pay the team fee through the �¢??Pay Team Fee Pay Now�¢?? PayPal Link.

**Make sure the team name(s) is/are included in the comment section so we can track the payment.

If you have not paid your fee by April 19th you will receive a reminder invoice. 

**Team fees are due by Opening Day! No team can take the field until the Team Fee has been paid.

This completes your registration!

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