Player Registration Instructions

Everyone registering for Softball will be asked to create a profile.  In fact, you may have already received your temporary Username and Password via an Email.  Please follow that email link to get your profile completed.

This Username and Password will allow you to view your dashboard anytime from pretty much anywhere.  The dashboard will give you quick access to your leagues, teams, schedules and

Finally, by ensuring we have your correct email address, we will now be able to communicate instantly with everyone.  And coming soon, we will be able to communicate quickly through texting too.

So letâ??s get you started.


Team Player/Free Agent Registration

Step 1: From the HASL Home Page at  Select Join a League

For best results, we suggest using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or the latest version of Internet Explorer (at least version 9) available on your computer.  Otherwise, you may need to get to registrations via the LEAGUES menu option and SOFTBALL, rather than the direct link.

Step 2: Create your Account or Sign In 

If you are utilizing the same email address you had utilized in previous years, you might already be set up in the system.  You can check by clicking on â??Forgot your password.â?? Type in your email address, then click â??send.â??  It will automatically email you a link to set-up your password.  If you arenâ??t set-up in the system, it will tell you â??no member account matches this email.â?? Proceed with filling out all of the information and follow the prompts to set up your member profile. You will also have the opportunity to sign in using Facebook. 

Step 3: Select your Division of play from the League Registrations page

Simply select the Register button next to the division you wish to play in

Step 4: Select â??Howâ?? you will be registering

You will either Sign up as a Team Player (on a team for the season) or Free Agent (not presently on a team or your coach hasnâ??t signed your team up yet!)

**Free Agents: complete the registration and weâ??ll find you a place to play or if you have a team and your coach hasnâ??t registered yet follow-up with him directly) 

Step 5: (Team Player) Select your team

From the drop down select your team to join.

                  If your team is not present, please contact your Coach/Manager.  You will still be able to complete your registration; however, your coach will need to be sure to add you once the team is created.

Step 6: If playing in both Womenâ??s and Open Divisions Enter Dual Member Discount Code

**Dual Members are female players that play in the Women's Division and in the Open Division. These members will utilize the DUALM discount code on their 2nd Registration within Spring 2015 Softball League.  *You must have signed up and paid your original $50.00 Player/Free Agent fee.

Step 7: Review and agree to the HASL waiver

Step 8: Pay your fee.

Player Fee $50

** Free Agent or Team Player can pay your fee online or you can Skip/Pay Later.  If you choose the Skip/Pay later option you will be invoiced and your fees must be paid prior to playing.

If you receive an invoice for your player fee, there are 2 payment options. 

1.              Credit Card (Online): Login to your dashboard and pay by credit card

2.              Check/Cash (In person to HASL Treasurer) at League Meeting/fields: Must be one check made out to the HASL.

This completes registrations.  Play Ball!!

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